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What’s so good about Good Friday?

What's so good about Good Friday?


What’s so good about Good Friday?

The Holy Week allows Christians all over the world to commemorate the passion, death, and victorious resurrection of Jesus. Starting on Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday, each day of the Holy Week tells us the history of mankind’s redemption. It is the season for most believers to hold a spiritual celebration in honor of Jesus, including songs of worship, Bible reading, and penitence.

In the predominantly Catholic Philippines, one would notice the decades-long tradition such as self-flagellation where men are lashed with chains and nailed to wooden crosses on Good Friday to memorialize Christ’s affliction. It brings us back to a somber and mournful event when Jesus willingly died a painful death on the cross to purchase the freedom of all.

If it’s a sorrowful day for believers, then why do we call this day good?

Some sources say that it was developed from the original term “God’s Friday” while others claim that “good” signifies the word holy. Although there is no concrete explanation as to why today was named Good Friday, the name is 100% relevant because even at His point of death, Jesus rejoiced at our reconciliation with God. In Hebrews 12:2, it says that Jesus carried the joy of our sins forgiven when He bore our guilt on the cross. When God’s compassion and mercy won over mankind’s wickedness, Jesus’ death marked the unfolding of God’s divine plan for humanity’s salvation. What’s not good about that?

In spite of the grieving and suffering of our Saviour, it is a good Friday after all.


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