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View Park Hotel Tagaytay: A Haven for a Staycation during celebrations


View Park Hotel Tagaytay: A Haven for a Staycation during celebrations

Celebrations has been part of every Filipino family’s tradition. The classic “family dinner” party with relatives from all over the province definitely makes an instant “family reunion”, which has always been our family’s way of celebrating every birthday of every family member, but, as time goes by, and as traffic goes heavier, our own little family look forward to a simpler and “affordable” way to still celebrate birthdays. This is how we fell in love with staycations during celebrations.

Going to Manila or Batangas with two toddlers and no cars is not an easy task for us but since Tagaytay City has always been a destination for travel, food, and lodging, we always take an opportunity to look for another place to stay and restaurant to dine around the area.

This time, our family found a new haven to stay on the other side of the city.

View Park Hotel is located in front of Picnic Grove Tagaytay.


View Park Hotel Tagaytay is located at Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City, hidden like a beautiful gem near Manaog Church and Picnic Grove Tagaytay.


This hotel is like a mix of contemporary and Meditteranean style of exteriors. You will firstly see their facade with a huge “View Park Hotel” and “Siglo Modern Filipino” signage.

Upon entry to the cozy lobby, you will be greeted by their very approachable staff with freshly made local drinks. There is also a small aquarium tank filled with different kinds of fish which is one of our toddler’s favorite.


What we love about the hotel are the small details of rustic but modern concepts that can bee seen on their interior designs which gives a homey feeling and tranquility to its guests.

The room which we stayed in is cozy and perfect for a family of four. The kids love the snack basket inside our room which can be consumed by the guests. The basket contains food from chocolates, cookies, chips and even alcoholic drinks.


My personal favorite is the garden with its huge “I Love View” lettering design because it is really beautiful and instagrammable. The garden is also perfect for a family bonding session such as board games or any inhouse activity that might be suggested by the hotel staff.


Another thing that we are lucky to have tried was the newly opened extension building and pool area of the hotel. Unlike the first two buildings, the newly opened extension of the hotel has a modern and chic style perfect for millennials and young market.

Our kids fell in love with their pool and almost forgot that the weather is cold in Tagaytay.

Their pool is good for kids and kids at heart!


After a few laps in the pool, we tried their in-house restaurant, Siglo Modern Filipino Restaurant, which highlights Filipino food and different Regional Cuisines. Like they’ve said, we have traveled through their delicious food.


And what could end a perfect staycation celebration but to have a surprise room cupcakes from the hotel staff?


View Park Hotel Tagaytay surely is a place to stay and create memories with your family!


If you are also looking for a place to stay on any celebration, you may book with View Park Hotel Tagaytay on their website or facebook page.

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