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Tips to survive food fasting this lent

Tips to survive food fasting this lent


Tips to survive food fasting this lent

A lot of individuals fast or voluntarily give up some kind of luxuries during the Lent season. They do this as a simple reminder to understand the sacrifice Jesus has done for the humanity. One most common forms of fasting during holy season is fasting from food.

Going on for days without eating as much as you want is never an easy challenge. However, there are some tips that can help you stick with your plan to give up a little food for this Lent.

Seek for your doctor’s advice. Of course, you can’t simply do fasting right away without seeking a professional’s advice especially if you have a poor health condition. To ensure that your fasting is safe, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor.

Lent is not about going hardcore. We understand that giving up food is not easy. Fasting does not mean killing yourself by starvation as fasting is prescribed for only two days throughout Lent–Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

Refrain from meat. For starters, try abstaining from all animal products and allow the consumption or fish or fowl. Abstinence from meat is only prescribed on Fridays during Lent.

Go for a single meal. Just so you could have the energy to keep you going, munch on a SINGLE meal late afternoon or early evening each day. Eat half of the rest of your meals on prescribed days.

Choose juice. If you are on a juice fast, drink raw fruit juices such as apple, grape, and pineapple, which are a good source of natural sugar and great energy booster.

Water! Water! Water! If it isn’t obvious enough, hunger and dehydration is the formula for your early demise. It is wise to abstain from strong stimulants such as caffeinated and sugary drinks (soda, soft drinks, powdered juice) during a fast. Also, avoid soy protein drinks.

Herbal laxative therapy. The body begins detoxifying during a fast, dropping the toxins into the intestines. The toxins can hurt your intestines or reabsorb into your bloodstream, making you feel nauseous. It is important to take laxatives during the fast early during the fast and then intermittently throughout the rest it to keep away the toxins.

Rest if you must. Feel free to take a break and do not exhaust yourself too much. The logic is as simple as this: There is no enough food to support your grueling activities. So you need not be super active during your fasting.

Pray. Remember, you are not fasting to cut some inches from your waist. You are doing this to purify yourself. Seek for strength and realign your heart with God.

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