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Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort, your summer destination in Tanza!



Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort, your summer destination in Tanza!

There is always an exciting feeling that comes with planning a summer vacation with friends and family. However, sometimes, organizing the trip becomes a difficult task when the location is too far!

Say goodbye to travel plans that never translated into reality. It’s a good thing you don’t have to leave the province to feel refreshed. There is a venue in Tanza where you will feel like you’re somewhere faraway!


Tanza oasis

tanza oasis hotel-7


Guests entering the lobby are immediately greeted by a spotless space, leaving an impression of charm at first sight. The building is quite huge that it would make you think twice whether you’re still in Cavite or not. The atmosphere is taken up a notch.

Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is a wholesome, family-friendly place that is ideal for barkada hangouts, too. A major plus is that it’s got a clean, spacious room with the softest pillows and mattresses! Not only that, but the guests are also pampered with LED cable television, a minibar with free tea, coffee, and powdered chocolate drink, provided with toiletries, fresh towels, and bed linens.


tanza oasis hotel-4

tanza oasis hotel


My favorite part of this trip? The Presidential Suite allows you to make the most out of your staycation with friends by singing your heart out! You may even finish a game of chess while waiting for your turn!


tanza oasis hotel-6

Presidential Suite.


Of course, the summer vacation is not over without taking a dip into their pool. The pool is located outdoors, perfect for enjoying the sunset while in the water. Both adults and children may enjoy swimming as the pool reaches up to 5 feet. There are also lifeguards on standby to ensure the safety of everyone.





Don’t think that your stay will be a bore; the activities are far from over! One day is not enough to explore the whole amenities of the hotel. There is also an in-house restaurant, a beach, a volleyball and basketball court.





Going on a vacation doesn’t have to be so hard! Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort is a great venue to bond with friends, have fun, and soak under the sun!

If you’re looking for a place that’s near and also wonderful, book a room through Tanza Oasis Hotel and Resort’s website or Facebook page!


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