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Siglo Modern Filipino: Traveling the Philippines through Food


Siglo Modern Filipino: Traveling the Philippines through Food

Filipinos have always been adventurous when it comes to our food. Different cooking techniques, styles, and fusion has been made to elevate our authentic dishes. There is no denying that modern cuisine now is as complicated as how our food palettes are.

Many dishes might change, but the true Filipino style will never be gone and be replaced. This is how Siglo Modern Filipino of Tagaytay City views its dishes. The authentic “lutong pamana” is still their solid base for their menu.

Upon entering their restaurant you will feel the traditional culture of Filipino people from rural areas. The wood carvings, shell windows, and ethnic designs will make you travel in the olden days.

You can vividly see their advocacy through their interiors. The walls are filled with designs promoting heirloom ingredients and food sustainability. While their unique placemats highlighted different dishes and local products of every region.


The first dish that was served is the Farmer’s Salad (Siglo Version). The vegetables were Tagaytay’s seasonal harvest produce topped with caramelized shallots and toasted sesame seeds with patis vinaigrette that adds a mixture of salty and sweetness on the salad.


Siglo’s Farmers Salad with their signature vinaigrette dip.


Another dish that we’ve tried is Malunggay Pasta. What differentiates this pasta dish from other malunggay pasta is the mixture of coconut and malunggay pesto on the sauce. The pasta also comes with garlic bread.

The best dishes that we’ve tried during our visit are the Longa-burger and Adobong Lagitik sa Pinya.

Highlighting Tagaytay’s well-known produce, Pineapple (pinya), Siglo did an amazing job on adding another flavor on one of the most famous Filipino dishes, Adobo. “Pinya” adds a little sweetness and sourness to the dish that makes it more delicious.



While Imus City’s Longganisa paired with buns and fresh veggies gives another experience to your favorite burger through Longganisa Burger. The garlic flavor of the Longganisa and Siglo’s secret sauce blended well with all the vegetables.


Imus City’s famous Longganisa in a burger bun paired with Bukid Chips.


Lastly, their Palitaw Roll is a combination of fresh buko meat rolled with glutinous rice flour or commonly known as “palitaw” and drizzled with latik sauce. While their Uray Mansi beverage is a mixture of red amaranth extract with Calamansi that gives a unique color and taste.



Siglo which means “century” in Filipino, truly brings one hundred years of culture and cooking with Filipino heritage recipes from all over Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. They certainly let you travel through their food.


If you want to visit Siglo Modern Filipino, they are located at 3500 Calamba Road, Sungay West, Tagaytay City. For reservations and events, you may inquire at (02) 8584 4090 or email them at

You may also follow them on Facebook and @siglomodernfilipino on Instagram.

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