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People should admire Carmona LGU for nurturing PWDs

People should admire Carmona LGU for nurturing PWDs


People should admire Carmona LGU for nurturing PWDs

It is common for people with disability to experience discrimination outside the confines of their home, let alone in the workspace. Sadly, the world of work is not yet a smooth course for everyone. The fair quality of opportunities that are presented to Persons with Disability (PWD) in the workplace seldom occurs since most companies hold the soundest jobs for applicants with the “most potential”. Little did the big-shot enterprises know that PWDs can be empowered to perform competently, too

The International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that one out of seven persons, or roughly 15% of the world’s population, belong to the PWD. If given a serious thought, the figure reveals that there could be over 1 billion people whose skills and productivity remain overlooked and unused.

The Municipality of Carmona proves to the world that PWDs are great members of the workforce. Two of their office’s administrative aides – Jomarie Espinosa and Raichan Mark Dearoz – were born with autism yet both serve the local government with outstanding dedication and diligence.


Raichan Mark Dearoz (Credit:


In a video sponsored by Project Inclusion, a foundation in the Philippines that promotes equal work opportunities for PWDs, colleagues of Raichan Mark Dearoz praise his commitment for his job, commending how Raichan arrives in the office fifteen minutes early and starts accomplishing his duties at sharply 8 o’ clock in the morning. As an administrative aide of the IT department, Raichan fulfills the tasks of encoding, photocopying, administering the database and operating the risograph.


Jomari Espinosa (Credit:


Jomarie Espinosa serves the treasury office of the Municipality of Carmona since 2014 as an administrative aide.  With utmost persistence, he arranges the receipts based on series numbers, drafts permit and seeks signatures, seals tax certificates, pile stickers for registered vehicles and also file some documents efficiently.

In the same video, Mayor Dahlia Loyola of Carmona encourages parents to support and empower their PWD children, for they are welcome to work in an inclusive town like Carmona. The local government unit of Carmona is after nurturing a community where opportunities are even for everyone.

“Hiring persons with disability is a win-win situation for the persons with disability, the institution itself and for the co-workers,” Loyola said.

“PWDs are given the chance to prove their self-worth, have self-esteem and earn for themselves,” she added.


The Republic Act (R.A.) 10524, otherwise known as Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, recognizes the right of persons with disability to work on an equal basis with others and to participate fully into the mainstream of society. The RA obliges all government agencies to dedicate at least one percent (1%) of all regular and non-regular positions for PWDs.








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