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On a budget? Here are 5 tips to pull off a simple yet aesthetic wedding!


On a budget? Here are 5 tips to pull off a simple yet aesthetic wedding!

Once upon a time, young girls dreamt of having a grand wedding like Cinderella’s. It’s not the perfect ceremony without the glass shoes, the fancy horse carriage, an aisle filled with rose petals, and a high-ceiling room filled with ladies in ball gowns and gentlemen in neat tux. That was the ultimate dream when we were little.

However, as we grow older, we acquire new preferences. Instead of glass shoes, adventurous brides-t0-be prefer sneakers. Unconventional couples go for tattooed wedding rings instead of a diamond band. Practical newlyweds like to receive cash as a wedding gift rather than furniture pieces or honeymoon package.

In modern-day living, couples will not run out of choices whether they’re inclined to splurging or saving money. If you have a huge fund allocated for the preparations, then that’s great. But if you are an economical planner, there are still plenty of options for you.

We asked tips from our friends at Herbie’s Catering and Events and here are 5 pieces of advice to consider for your big day!


1. Consider a backyard wedding.

The venue is a primary element in your wedding ceremony and reception. Function halls, event places, and restaurants offer space rentals for a price charged by the hour. If things go wrong, rates could get out of hand. Got a spacious yard at home? Then why not get married in a place close to your heart? You don’t have to worry about dressing up the place because venue stylists can transform any dull area into a magical space!



2. Go for a rustic theme.

Rustic-inspired wedding decorations are easy to pull-off and are incredibly cheaper than any other wedding themes. Nature plays a big role in the wedding elements. Looking for an altar? Spot a big tree and set up the altar there! No aisles? Lay down a long carpet and decorate your own aisle with DIY signboards or markers! It’s not only practical but it is also personal, thus bringing a homey countryside vibe!



3. Put a twist to the traditional reception setup.

Unless your guests are mostly elderlies, why not consider an unconventional seating arrangement? It only takes a few low tables, some cushions as seats and voila! You’ve got a rustic-themed wedding with a vibe of boho. It’s fun, fresh, playful, and reflects the quirky personality of the couple!



4. Exert effort into the little details.

Let’s be honest. When the reception program is ongoing, some guests would get bored and divert their attention to other things. Event styling is necessary as it establishes the tone and atmosphere of the celebration. Plus, styling shows the character and personality of the couples! From the type of flowers to the fold of the napkin, tell your love story to the world by the decorative pieces you place on the table.



5. Don’t forget the cake!

Trust us — your wedding cake is a big deal. The cake cutting activity on the program is one of the major highlights because the bride and groom feeding each other cake symbolize the commitment that both couples share as one body. And also, everybody has their eyes on the towering layers of your cake! Although they can be a bit pricey, there are hacks to make your cake look tall and extravagant without hurting your budget. Herbie’s Catering and Events can help you with that!



Future husbands and wives should be focused on their new journey as lifetime partners, and not be stressed about the event! If you’ve got no time (or patience!) to organize DIY wedding decorations or coordinate everything for your big day, Herbie’s Catering and Events can spare you from the hassle!

For inquiries, call them at 09153545079 or follow them on Facebook! You may also check out their sales office in Molino, Taytay, or Novaliches!

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