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Never lose appetite with these gourmet food in jars!



Never lose appetite with these gourmet food in jars!

If you think that jobs have become lighter due to the use of modern technology, you are right. However, while processes are shortened, the tasks have tremendously increased as well. Workers are thrown more responsibilities to juggle and multitasking today is no longer just an edge but a requirement for workers to almost every company.

Overtime has become normal. Working lunch has become more frequent. And working from home has become the only option to lessen the leave of absences.

Given these emerging trends in the workplace, professionals have developed new preferences that changed the way they regard food. Many rely on fast-food chains during lunchtime. Some resort to quick-and-easy sandwiches to go while others run to convenience stores for an instant cup of noodles or canned goods.

If there’s one thing that’s highly noticeable in today’s eating habits, it’s the rush during food consumption. The idea that we are wasting time eating rather than working has completely changed the respect we have for good quality food.

Time is gold, but health is also wealth. There are still plenty of ways to go healthy and one of these is patronizing gourmet food in jars. Why not try Yvonne Appetit? They offer light meals with rich taste, plus they have three irresistibly good flavors to choose from!


Garlicky Longganisa

Ever imagined that unmistakable garlicky taste in your mouth? Feel amused by Yvonne Appetit’s elevated version of the usual Pinoy sausage.

Indulge and grab ahold of the Garlicky Longganisa gourmet-in-a-jar!



Adobo Flakes

Looking for a distinct balance of salty and savory taste in your mouth? Feel blessed and spend a whole lot less with Yvonne’s version of our famous Pinoy Adobo dish.

You’ll forget a hundred other recipes with their Adobo Flakes gourmet-in-a-jar!



Smoked Fish Flakes

Craving for that smoked fish flakes dish but no time to cook? Yvonne Appetit created a delectable dish that fits your budget.

Experience bliss of heaven starting from your first serving. Grab their gourmet-in-a-jar specialty now!



You no longer have to sacrifice satisfaction over convenience. With Yvonne Appetit‘s gourmet-food-in-jar variants, every meal is a delight!


Got some serious craving right now? Follow Yvonne Appetit on Facebook or reach them at 0917 123 0408!


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