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LeBron James’ New Shoe Inspired by Pinoys Will Surely Get Your Heart Racing

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LeBron James’ New Shoe Inspired by Pinoys Will Surely Get Your Heart Racing

It’s no surprise why LeBron James keeps coming back to his Pinoy superfans. Aside from their love for the ball, the NBA Superstar and Filipino fans both share a strong belief in myth and superstitions that are said to bring fortune and extra strength.



Now, there’s one more thing that will make this connection between James and Pinoy fans even stronger. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ 4-time Most Valuable Player created a signature shoe inspired by Pinoys!  Boasting a midline cushioning system for a faster, dapper performance to date,  Lebron 14’s dark blue shoes are patterned from Philippines’ traditional woven fabrics and styled with golden accents that symbolize the country’s rich heritage. It is the latest addition to LeBron James’ new basketball shoe line.



Nike’s limited edition Lebron 14 inspired by Filipinos is also named as “Agimat”. Yes, you read that right!

The word agimat is a Filipino term that pertains to amulet. This belief for charms and talismans is widespread among Filipinos, especially in the province of Cavite. Even in its early years, it was believed that Cavite-born revolutionaries General Emilio Aguinaldo and General Mariano Trias carried talismans to protect them from misfortunes and calamities.

The province of Cavite is prominent for anting-anting (a Filipino term for talisman), particularly during the pursuit of infamous criminal Nardong Putik in 1950s. Cavite’s notorious folk hero was presumed to have survived multiple ambush attacks because of his magical amulets. He was caught in the town of Noveleta after several attempts to imprison him. The life of Nardong Putik was soon adapted into a film which was portrayed by actor and former senator Ramon Revilla Sr. in 1972.

Because of Filipino’s passionate belief to agimat, another movie inspired by Nardong Putik was created in 1973. Entitled as Pepeng Agimat (“Pepe the Amulet”),  the legendary story has been passed down from Revilla’s generations. Actor and senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. starred in the film’s remake on 1999, while Jolo Revilla, son of Bong Revilla, portrayed the same character in its TV adaptation in 2009.


Backed with all these historical accounts, Nike’s newly launched Agimat shoes just got a lot more interesting! The powerful shoe is anticipated to serve as good luck charm for every game.

Planning on getting one? This new cool pair is priced at Php 8,895 and will be released on May 20, 2017. It will be exclusively available at TITAN FORT, TITAN22.COM, Nike Park Fort BGC and Nike Park Glorietta 4.



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