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It’s time for Gangwon-Do!


It’s time for Gangwon-Do!

Social media influencers came together to promote winter tourism in Gangwon, South Korea’s up-and-coming premier destination.

A special summit of leaders of ASEAN and South Korea marked the 30th anniversary of ASEAN-Republic of Korea dialogue relations. The event closed last November 27. Last year, the summit was previously held in Busan.



The visit of the social media influencers to Gangwon-do was to promote the activities for winter sports in Gangwon Province, the Yongyang International Airport, and the famous tourist spots in Hanryu which is well known for the K-culture.

The influencers, who have more than 1 million followers and visited Gangwon Province, include Renee Dominique (the musician who just released a single album with Jason Mraz), Bautista Vanessa, Quijano Sergio, Luigi Pacheco and Bont Bryan Oropel from the Philippines.

They were also joined by singer and actress Jannine Weigel of Thailand.

Osusu, Nabee TV and Umi TV of Vietnam also appeared in the winter tourist commercial video.

The Gangwon Province Winter Tourism commercial video will be produced and published on Arirang World Channel.

It has 142 million receiving households in 103 countries.

The ASEAN social media influencers stayed in Gangwon province for 5 nights and 6 days from 26th November to 1st of December.

They visited many locations including Nami Island in Chuncheon, known as the location of K – drama , Yeongjin Beach, as well as the Daegwanryeong Ski Resort in Gangwon Province, which is called the Alps in Asia, Gangneung Curling Center and Wonju Soguem Mountain suspension bridge.

Cultural exchanges between ASEAN and Korea by the social media influencers were done in the snowplows in Gangwon Province.

This will be a great chance to promote Gangwon tourism to all the ASEAN countries.



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