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Duterte denies rumored emergency treatment in Singapore


Duterte denies rumored emergency treatment in Singapore

President Rodrigo Duterte spoke up on Monday, August 17, against those spread speculation that he went to Singapore, telling them that it is none of their business and he had the right to travel overseas just like a regular citizen of the country.

Duterte debunked rumors about his weekend trip to Singapore and clarified that he had been staying in Davao City.

“Stop this nonsense of me going to Singapore if at all. Wala kayo pakialam kung gusto ko pumunta,” Duterte retaliated to his critics in a pre-taped address.

The President then said that he would never use public funds for travel for a “private undertaking.”

“If I want to go to Singapore, I will go to Singapore. If it is a private undertaking or if I want to attend the burial of a friend or pay a visit to the wake, I will go there. Fly in, fly out,” Duterte stressed.

The 75-year-old chief of state also pointed out that he had a guaranteed right to travel just like any other Filipino.

“I am under no obligation to travel in secret and not telling the republic at all. I am a citizen of this country, the right to travel is guaranteed. If it’s guaranteed for you, it’s guaranteed for me,” he further said.

To support his claim, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go, a known close companion of the President, debunked the rumor by sharing a photo of Duterte having a meal with his family in Davao City.

Meanwhile, Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque also denied the speculations that Duterte flew abroad.


Image credit: Senator Bong Go’s Facebook page

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