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Creative Street: Art for a Cause


Creative Street: Art for a Cause

They say everyone has their talents. One may be a good singer, another may be a dancer. These skills can give anyone rise to fame and fortune. But some have talents which they use to help others.

GoCavite has found a pure and positive group that aims to share their talents and skills and create a positive impact on the lives of Filipino children through Art. This is Creative Street.



Creative Street has been conducting free art workshops within the Manila area and nearby provinces since May 2018. The group was initially founded to conduct art workshops for the less fortunate children.



Growing and having more volunteer artists, teachers, and facilitators, they have been providing free art lessons to the street children of Manila and nearby provinces such as Cavite. Each workshop catered around fifty to sixty kids, giving them school and art materials for free.



As of today, Creative Street generously extended their art workshops to juveniles under rehabilitation and even children with special needs and abilities.

They also started on promoting environmental awareness through art movements. Art talks and forums have also been one of their activities which engages more youth to pursue their passion and love for art.


The young members of Creative Street is truly an inspiration for everyone!

If you are interested to donate or fund their activities you may donate here or message them at the Creative Street Facebook page.



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