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15 Facts Students from LPU-Cavite Can Agree to


15 Facts Students from LPU-Cavite Can Agree to

It’s been almost two months since I graduated from college at Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite campus which they call the “first and only resort campus in the Philippines”. Since classes are about to start, I want to share some things that I will never forget about LPU-C. Let’s start this countdown, shall we?


1. You already got used to people saying that LPU-C looks like a spaceship

I don’t know why other people see my alma mater that way. (Maybe it really looks like one.) Heads up to those who want to study in LPU, prepare yourself for these guys.


(c) Mikko Ordonez


2. The famous “BIBEs” of LPU-C

The moment you step your foot on the grounds of LPU-C, that’s the time you’re going to meet the ducks roaming around the university. But be careful! Some students say that there are times they were chased by these ducks!


3. The Statue of Jose P. Laurel

Who would miss the opportunity of taking a photo together with the JPL statue, right? Your college life in LPU-C wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have one.


(c) Jas Feliciano


4. The very popular food in LPU-C: Rice in a Box, Mega Treat, and Tapsihan

Do you have 7 am to 7 pm classes? No problem! RBX, Mega Treat, and Tapsihan wouldn’t let your hunger get the best of you.


5. That “uy LPU-C yan ah” line when you see LPU-C in a commercial or in a movie.

I’m one of those students who are really proud every time I see my dear university on television or in cinema.


6. Instead of “Lyceum” they call it “Layshum”

Ever heard people say “layshum” instead of LPU or Lyceum? I do. And you’ll get used to it, in time.

Pasahero: Magkano po pa-Lyceum?
Driver: Pa-layshum? 9 pesos lang pa-layshum.

Barker: Oh mga taga layshum, sakay na. Pito pa.


7. LPU-C’s Grace Period is a life saver.

It seems that the grace period saves many students especially if you don’t have an assignment or you’re not prepared for a quiz. Mapapadasal ka na lang talaga ng “please sana hindi na dumating si ma’am/sir”.


8. Dress Code

If you’ll ask a certain LPU-C student how strict LPU is when it comes to civilian clothes, they’d probably say “VERY STRICT”. From the shirt down to the footwear, you’re under surveillance. You’ll end up wearing the classic shirt and pants just to be safe and free from SAO.


9. The LPU-C Library as “tambayan”

Do you use the library as their hangout spot every time they have vacant time? Raise your hands if you also go to the library with the intention of sleeping and relaxing not studying or reviewing!


10. The pain in using Vendo Machine

So you rushed to the Vendo machine to get Milo or coffee. But let me warn you. When you really want to drink cold coffee or Milo, what you’re most likely to get is a cup of water with ice.


11. The struggle of having a 7 AM class and your room is in 4th floor

You got out of the house looking fresh but arrived at the classroom looking haggard. Familiar? All LPU-C students definitely can relate to that. Pwede ka ng wag mag exercise sa umaga, sapat na yung 1st floor to 4th floor na ‘pag akyat.


12. The yearly Christmas Tree Lighting

Who gets excited when Christmas Tree Lighting is approaching? Aside from witnessing the Christmas lights and the tall Christmas tree, you get the chance to have a moment with your special someone. But if you’re single, don’t worry your friends are there.


(c) Aubrey Mojica

13. Sleepy but library is not available, go to Amphitheater

Looking for a quiet open space? The amphitheater is the best choice. Just go upstairs, and you’ll surely find a great spot.


14. The guards na minsan masungit, minsan mabait.

Lumihis ka na ng landas o iwasan mo na ang mga guards kapag sila’y naka-masungit mode on. Pero kapag naka-mabait mode on sila, chikahin mo na. Malay mo maka-close mo pa.


15. Veritas et fortitudo, Pro Deo et Patria

Truth and Fortitude. For GOD and Country. One of the things I will never forget about LPU-Cavite is the motto. During my 4 years stay in LPU-C, they made sure that the ideals of JPL will be imparted to all the students of the university.



Did I miss anything from the list? Let us know by sharing this article on Facebook or by leaving a comment below.  – Written by Krizza Boriol

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  1. Yeru

    July 8, 2017 at 8:05 am

    Maduming cr,
    Kulang na prop

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  3. vaanne

    July 26, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    c manong “walo pa”, the barker in front of lpu-c na kahit 4 nlng kasya walo pa din.. haha

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