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13 Ways to Become a Good Citizen of Cavite


13 Ways to Become a Good Citizen of Cavite

“Be the change you want to see.”

The society we live in is filled with a multitude of problems and it’s becoming too easy to show anger and frustration on one hand and become passive on the other. It’s all too easy to blame the leaders thinking our duties are all done. But the question is “Are we ever done?” Do we ourselves take concrete step or do we only wait for someone to come forward and tackle the problems for us? Not only our responses become ineffective in bringing change, we become part of the problem as well since after all, we are our society.

For a place to improve, progress must begin with its people and for our Cavite to advance, we need to be good citizens of it.

How do we do it? Keep on reading.


1. Be a responsible parent of Cavite.

The youth is said to be the hope of our nation. If you’re a parent, raise your children well and teach them with good habits, attitudes, and values so when they grow, they will become great citizens, too.

2. Get a good education.

You can get better jobs and contribute more to the economy when you are well – educated. You can also be better informed and make good decisions when it comes to voting and other local activities. And so, if you’re still a student, pay attention in school, get good grades, and try to go to college.

3. Work hard.

No matter what your job is, working hard is an important part of being a good citizen. When you work hard, you provide services to others and you earn money, both of which contribute to a stronger economy in your area.

4. Pay your tax right.

It is a duty to pay tax dues to the government. Salaries of employees are automatically deducted from income tax by employers. But if you are self – employed or have a business of your own, be sure to pay right taxes to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

5. Support local business.

If given the chance, it’s best to leverage the resources of your own town to contribute to its economic development instead of squeezing yourself to crowded Metro. You can always choose to patronize local products and services, be employed in a company within Cavite or even build a business of your own here! Doing so will surely help Cavite achieve advancement.

6. Obey the laws and local ordinances.

Laws and ordinances were made for a good reason and those are studied sensitively based on the constitution. “Obey first before you complain.”

Simply following traffic rules would make a great difference. Be a responsible enforcer, driver, commuter or pedestrian to create safer and more efficient roads in the province.

7. Report crimes.

Help law enforcers reduce and solve crimes in Cavite. Not only it will make the province a safer place to live, it will also boost Cavite Tourism.

8. Build a good relationship with your neighbors.

Show respect at all costs. Avoid gossiping as it only creates conflicts. Rather, consider lending your arms and befriending your neighbors to encourage a good relationship with them. Keep the Bayanihan spirit alive in Cavite, too.

9. Be kind to the visitors of the province.

Be a good role model or a good representative of all Caviteños in front of visitors. Provide the province a good name. Show to them how good, honest, hospitable and helpful Caviteños are. Do this with all your heart. Moreover, do this to your countrymen, not only to foreigners.

10. Give support to a fellow Caviteño.

Learn to cheer for our athletes and other representatives! Be proud and provide moral support to a co – Caviteño who is working hard to achieve his own success in a good way. Even more than that, quit practicing negative attributes of crab mentality, like being envy, selfish and insecure.

11. Stay up-to-date on the news.

Read the news and stay fully informed on issues affecting you and your area. Furthermore, see to it that you’re only utilizing legit and credible sources of information. Be wary of possible fake news spreading especially online.

12. Be a responsible netizen.

This may sound cliched but remember to always “Think before you click”. When using social media, respect and be considerate of the feelings, belief, and opinions of other netizens to avoid arguments. A healthy debate can be achieved without losing respect, calmness, and maturity.

13. Exercise your right to vote.

Did you know that Cavite province with 1,843,168 registered voters is the top vote-rich province in Luzon? Well, this is as per to an article published by Manila Bulletin on 2016.

Don’t put your right to waste. You have a say; might as well use it. Vote wisely especially at the local level as local policies affect you on daily basis. Before you choose a candidate, it is also important to make an effort to research in order to make the best vote. Most importantly, you must also protect your vote against electoral fraudsters.

Want to see the change coming? Let’s all begin, fellow Caviteños!

If you got to share more of becoming a good Cavite citizen, be sure to comment down below!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Edward

    January 20, 2018 at 12:54 am

    One really can’t can’t argue with what has been written. People do need to change and to start obeying the laws and to start thinking about the consequences of their actions on others. However, for people to change, they must see their leaders and those responsible for enforcing the laws, obeying them and setting a good example. People will change more easily, if led by good example.
    Anti-social behaviour (e.g. littering, loud music at night etc.) is not a serious crime, but it is an extremely irritating crime. Who can truly say that they enjoy walking through fields of litter in the streets? The LGUs should provide litter bins for people to use (and empty them properly). They should also prosecute people for dropping litter, not with a P100 fine, but with a fine which will hurt people and make them think again, or make them clean up littler. Shops should be fined for throwing their litter out into the roads. Shops should bot be allowed to block the pavements (sidewalks) with their goods, God knows there are enough obstacles on them already.
    Why would people not counter-flow (and commit other offences), when they see enforcers and PNP counter-flowing, going through red lights, not wearing helmets and overloading their m/cs by having 3 or 4 people on them? We see the PNP cars and Barangay Ambulances always with their emergency lights on (the clue is in the name emergency), and now as a result people ignore the lights and don’t get out the way. We see local politicians with large cavalcades pushing other road users out of the way. They see politicians at all levels in the country abusing their positions and getting rich at the expense of the people and the country. They see the judiciary making some very strange decisions and then retiring early. All these examples lead people to accept that anti-social behaviour and criminality is the norm. Yes, people need to change and yes they should change, but our leaders need to set a good example first to facilitate the change. It is always easier to lead by example, than to lead from the rear.

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