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12 Times Our Governor Is Too Cool For The Internet


12 Times Our Governor Is Too Cool For The Internet

Amidst the gloomy weather and the recent incidents, Cavite Governor Boying Remulla knows how to keep his calm and make light of dismal situations. Below are 12 times Kuya Gov made us smile on social media!


1. Your peace of mind is Gov. Boying’s concern.

The governor knows you’re too worried about getting to school (or office) tomorrow. Fear not, folks! Your safety goes first. *wink*



2. The emoji says it all.

Millenials are too visual not to understand Kuya Gov’s parent-like pieces of advice. (Who cares about the typo, anyway?)



3. Kuya Gov is our kind of “oppa!

In a comment, a user named Ella Miranda expressed her relief upon the suspension of classes in the province due to Bagyong Maring. She uttered “kamsahamnida” to say thanks to our governor. To everyone’s surprise, it seems like Kuya Gov understood the foreign term right away as he responded “you’re welcome” in Korean as well!



4. Nobody does working lunch like Kuya Gov.

It seems like his plate is already full with workload. We hope you get some decent meal, Kuya Gov!



5. Kuya Gov has high regards for family.

A user named Leo Travina randomly asked Kuya Gov to choose between two popular online games. His answer? None of the choices. He affirms his loyalty to his wife, of course!



6. He. Just. Knows.

Whether it’s your secret wish for class suspension or a “paluwagan” system among you and your friends, there is nothing you can hide from Kuya Gov.



7. He’s the grandpa you wish you had.

On a post published on Facebook in September, Kuya Gov shares with us a personal photo of him and his grandchild where he extends his sentiments of taking good care of the environment for the generations to come.



Netizens, of course, couldn’t help but notice how charming his grandson is. Like lolo, like apo indeed!



8. Kuya Gov is your daily dose of inspiration.

Creative and concise, our governor shows us what it’s like to nurture passion while performing the job. No wonder, then, that there are so many talents in our province!



Governor Boying may seem to take things lightly but no matter how cheeky his words are, his messages are a slice of actuality.



9. He is just too awesome, some can’t handle it. B-)

We can’t blame them. It’s hard to find a governor as awesome as him!



10. He takes your studies seriously, hijo.

Dear Kenneth and Johnny, please stay at home and study! Remember, suspension of classes is not a valid reason to play around and celebrate. Mag-aral ng mabuti!



11. Gov. Boying thinks intelligence is attractive. We think so, too!

Hayaan mo na si crush. Ang importante, pumasa ka sa exam! Kids, school first before anything else!



12. Kuya Gov is proud of our local products!

User Jericho Otanes gives Kuya Gov a humorous information about a famous biscuit brand. The governor’s response? He rather wants to know more about Cavite’s very own Jacobina biscuits!





Public servants like Kuya Gov prove that they are humans, too! Do you appreciate Gov. Boying’s efforts to reply to our most random thoughts? Watch out for more of his lighthearted responses on his Official Facebook Page!


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