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10 Things You’ll Only Get If You Live in Cavite


10 Things You’ll Only Get If You Live in Cavite

Being a Cavite-born-and-raised kid, I find it quite difficult to point out things that only #TrueCaviteños will understand since those are things that I grew up being familiar with and what I thought were normal.

But in the past three years that I’ve studied in Manila, there are things about us Caviteños that my Laking Maynila™ friends find …amusing. (Thankfully, after two years of pointing them out to us, our Manileño friends finally got used to it.)

So if you’re Taga-Cavite, read on and find out what makes a true-blooded Caviteño different from the others.


1. We’re creative with our words.

In my group of friends, I’m not sure how many times we have explained to our non-Caviteño friends that:
a. “nakain” is the same thing as “kumakain”, like how “naulan” means “umuulan”.
b. “dang” is not a swear word, but is actually something we use to emphasize a point, like “Dang init sa Pinas!”
c. “dia” is not something we made up. Like c’mon, it’s a shorter version of ‘di ba’!


2. We’re not angry all the time, we promise!

We speak loudly. Our Manileño friends always ask us to lower our voices, saying that shouting isn’t necessary since they can hear us just fine. (It took them a while to get used to our default tones. Took them a lot longer to realize that we’re not really good in chismisan since we suck at whispering.)

There’s also the issue about how we have an accent different from everyone else. “Bakit ang daming punto ng salita niyo?” Walang basagan ng trip.


3. Cavite is the #1 Go-To spot for chibugan.

I can’t even deny the abundance of cafés, grill houses, or even the simple tapsihans here in Cavite. Up for a barbeque night? There are grill houses like Angelo Barbeque + Drinks and MRP House of Grill to satisfy your taste buds. Coffee and chill weekends? Cafés are all around the area like Subi-Monte Café, Café Antix, Black Apartment, and Café Moraco. Even Tagaytay’s only a short drive away.


4. Everybody knows everyone.

Every conversation is a plethora of names, especially when you’re eating. I’m not sure how it became small talk reserved for the dining room, but there will always be a “Kinasal na pala si Amy kay Jim.” “Sinong Jim?” “Jim, anak nila Aling Cora.” “Aling Cora sa Caridad? Pakisabi congrats.” whenever we eat. Always.


5. Remember the Iconic Gov. Jonvic Remulla?

Known as Gov. Pogi, this governor rose to fame because of how creative his announcements were, especially when suspending classes. It was so witty that even students outside Cavite started looking out for his announcements. He was even featured by different publishers!


6. We can all relate to the Tollgate Traffic Madness.

Caviteños who study/work in Manila, this one is for you. Morning classes sound fine until you realize that you have to be sitting (or standing) inside the bus at 5 AM to make it to your 8 AM class. But make sure it’s 5 AM sharp, because a minute late, you’ll find yourself stuck in the toll gate traffic at 9 in the morning.


7. “Saan nga yung Cavite City? Imus ba yon, o Dasma?”

Cavite City peeps, this one is for you. I’m not sure if the maps sold in Manila doesn’t include Cavite City, because apparently, Cavite can only be either Imus or Dasmarinas when you’re in Manila. I can’t count the times I was asked where the f*** Cavite City is located. I was even called stupid once for answering “Malamang sa Cavite.

I mean, how would someone even answer that? Kidding aside, I’m sure not all Caviteños are familiar with the whole Cavite province.


8. We’ve got the Baby Bus.

When I found out three years ago that baby buses only exist in Cavite, I was #shookt. All my life I thought it was a universal thing like jeepneys. (Imagine the sadness that oozed out of me when I found out that jeepneys aren’t a universal thing, either. Waaaay to ruin my childhood.)

Anyway, yes, baby buses are a Caviteño thing. I remember taking my Manileno friends in Cavite and after making them ride the baby bus, they immediately started calling it ‘the demon bus’ because of how fast it went. They never rode it again.

Photo from Google Images.


9. Who doesn’t love Pat and Sam Rice Cakes?

That’s it, that’s the whole story. Because if you’re from Cavite, you would know how words aren’t enough to describe how beautiful the samala rice cakes taste.

Pat and Sam Delicacies and Pasalubong, located in Cavite City, offers native rice cakes like bibingka, sapin sapin, cassava cake, puto, kuchinta, pichi pichi, ube haleya, leche flan and assorted native cookies, bread and sweets.)

Photo from Pat and Sam Delicacies Facebook Page.


10. Mall-hopping is a thing.

Shopping malls are everywhere, and with everywhere I mean we have malls located only 30 minutes to an hour apart. There’s SM City Rosario, BDO SM City Trece Martires, SM City Dasmarinas, SM City Molino, SM City Bacoor, Lotus Mall, Ayala Malls Serin, Lumina Point Mall Savemore, The District – Imus, The District Dasmarinas, V Central Mall, CityMall – Imus, Portal Mall, Walter Mart Trece Martires, Walter Mart Carmona, Premier Plaza, Elements Mall, Robinsons Place Dasmarinas, Robinsons Place General Trias, and Robinsons Place Imus. That’s twenty malls. TWENTY.

So there you have it. If you’re from Cavite, I’m sure you’ll find some (or all) of these relatable! Dang-proud na Caviteño ‘to! Let us know your #GoCavite stories by sharing this article on Facebook and by leaving a comment below!



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