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6 Signs You Welcomed New Year 2018 the Filipino Way


6 Signs You Welcomed New Year 2018 the Filipino Way

Filipinos simply love celebrations and one of our most celebrated holidays is the New Year. Whilst the whole world is rejoicing over the change of the year, there are just unique ways on how Filipinos meaningfully welcome a New Year.

This 2018, though there are seemingly undying traditions established in Filipino culture, there are also new practices observed.

Below are the ways on how Filipinos celebrated their New Year’s Eve for 2018:


Polka dots gaming

One distinctive way to describe Filipinos’ New Year’s Eve is having circles all around. As per the belief, round figures symbolize prosperity. Having said that, it’s not enough for some Filipinos to have the 12 round fruits on media noche table; they see to it that their outfits include the lucky figure, too. And so, Filipinos consider wearing polka – dotted apparels making the holiday extra special!


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High jump at 12 midnight

They say it’s only for kids but regardless your not so young age, you jumped as high as you can when the clock stroked midnight hoping you’ll still get taller! And when some folks  told you matanda ka na, you asked them, “Masama bang umasa?


GIF Source


Photos before everything else

A few could argue that this one isn’t practiced by Filipinos only, especially now that people from around the world become fond of photography more than ever! However, this can’t miss the list since no one can simply deny Filipino’s growing love for photography.

And so, here’s how Filipinos hold into that photos before everything else:



Taking a visit on social media the New Year’s Eve, you probably posted a pahabol selfie for the year 2017 or your Filipino friends did; if not on their timelines, maybe on their stories and/or days. No wonder the Philippines is named selfie capital of the world!



All the handa looks delicious but before someone kurot the lechon, you took a good picture of it coz it’s pang – IG, bes!

GIF Source


The “kailangan maingay” Filipino determination

Filipinos are so used to welcoming a New Year with noise! And though there’d been list of prohibited firecrackers, it didn’t stop Filipinos to welcome 2018 loud and proud!

Here’s what most did:

  • Bought torotot for kids
  • Joined the countdown
  • Greeted everyone a “Happy New Year”
  • Shouted “Putukan na” to your heart’s content

And if your family’s a little extra, you probably did this:

  • Used kaldero and kawali to make noise from hitting those together or striking it on the floor
  • Started motorcycle or car’s engine for dagdag ingay purposes

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Food is life

During the noche buena, you’ve already told yourself “Christmas naman.” And when media noche came, you once again excused yourself to eat good food by reasoning out “New Year naman.”

You promised yourself tikim lang but later finished three plates. #goodbyediet

GIF Source


Walwal all you can

January 2 was considered holiday, too. And so, you didn’t have to bother going back to school or office the next day! Again, you got yourself an excuse and happily announced,“Wala pa namang pasok bukas.”

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Fellas, can you relate to these? The holidays may be over but we can always take a look back! Mind sharing how your family welcomed the year 2018? Comment down below and let’s talk about it!

Happy New Year, everyone! 🙂


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