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Revilla brothers to star in action-thriller film ‘Tres’

Revilla brothers to star in action-thriller film 'Tres'


Revilla brothers to star in action-thriller film ‘Tres’

Revilla brothers Jolo, Luigi and Bryan take lead roles in the newest action-thriller film Tres. The social-political trilogy from IMUS productions tackles Philippines’ continuing battle against drugs and explores the other side of the picture. It captures the account of anti-drug law enforcers, drug traffickers, and drug users in the midst of the campaign.

The third-generation Revillas, in a press conference, mentioned how their father Bong Revilla has been thoroughly involved in the production of the film despite the detained senator’s life behind bars. From the script down to the editing, the film’s direction and screenplay have gone through the hands of Bong.

With thought-provoking stories packaged separately, the first episode of the film, 72 Hours, stars Jolo as a PDEA agent set to catch an ill-famed drug lord while dealing with a traitor in his task force. Directed by Dondon Santos, the episode also features Rhian Ramos and Lani Mercado.

Meanwhile, the second episode, Virgo, tells the life of a hitman named Virgilio “Virgo” Semanes, played by Bryan, who learns that his boss is the same man who engineered his family’s slaughter. Richard Somes, the director of Bryan’s part of the trilogy, complimented the young Revilla for his natural acting and even called him a “revelation.

Virgo also stars Carla Humphries, Kiko Matos, and Joey Marquez.

In the third episode entitled Amats, also directed by Dondon Santos, Luigi portrays the character of a dutiful son whose family has gone bankrupt. In his pursuit for financial breakthrough, he finds comfort from a loaded drug dealer who became the shelter and provider for the young man.

The episode also features Sandino Martin, Assunta de Rossi, and Myrtle Sarrosa.

Tres hits theaters nationwide starting Wednesday, Oct. 3.



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