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Living in Cavite 101: The Caviteño Home Starter Pack


Living in Cavite 101: The Caviteño Home Starter Pack

Be ready for a walk down the memory lane as we re-imagine your childhood days in your Cavite home! Here are 4 things that easily identifies your beloved turf!


1. The Sari-sari Store that Saves the Neighborhood

Before reaching home, you will be greeted by Gina’s Store across the street, which is a go-to whenever mom asks you to run errands, or simply when you have spare coins. Her store is the equivalent of Dora the Explorer’s backpack. She has everything you need! Even the most unlikely sari-sari store find!



2. Your Mom’s Definition of “Garden”

It may be a space with well-maintained grass and bonsai trees, a variety of flowers, landscaped rocks, and a fountain centerpiece with a Mama Mary statue at the corner, or simply a few pots of plants at your front yard. A Cavite home will never be complete without greens outside. Growing up in Cavite means you got to climb up a mango tree during langit-lupa games, tasted the juice out of the Santan flower then making a bracelet from it afterwards, waited for the Aratilis fruits to turn red, and picked fruits or leaves from your own yard as mom needed it for the day’s dish.



3. The Door Accessories

A door in Cavite will never be plain. There is the hanging Chinese ornament with a red tassel that according to Feng Shui shields the home from bad luck and spirits. There will be chimes hanging, (so we know when the door opens/closes, right?), along with that carved wood that says “WELCOME” or “GOD BLESS THIS HOME”. Often, there will also be that Jesus and Mary Sacred Heart image greeting you as you enter.



4. The Living Room a.k.a. Family Pride Showroom

As you enter the living room, you will instantly see how many members this family has. There will be a studio-shot family picture, the wedding picture of the parents, then the graduation pictures of the children arranged from eldest to youngest. At the coffee table, there will be old family pictures and baby photos, below it will be photo albums and yearbooks, all mixed with magazines, and AVON catalogs.



There is indeed no other place like home, more so if you grew up in a province like Cavite. There will be no luxury tower or house in the city that can replace the comfort and refuge you get from your home in Cavite.  Uwian na ba? Can’t wait. <3



Article by: Leih Maruss Sinsay
Images by: Bin Dimacyat



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