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Island Cove bids goodbye to staff, employees

Island Cove bids goodbye to staff, employees


Island Cove bids goodbye to staff, employees

After 20 years of operations, Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park finally closed its doors to guests and clients on July 28, 2018. The resort management, headed by Gilbert Remulla, hosted a farewell party to the resort employees at the Island Cove Hotel and Resort’s Grand Tejeros Ballroom on Sunday.

“Thank you, good luck and see you around,” Remulla said

“[I want to] say thank you to its family — the employees (as) all of you have contributed to the life of Island Cove,” he added.

The employees who got technically separated from the management on their last working day felt naturally sad as they are concerned on what lies ahead.

Former Cavite governor Juanito Remulla founded Island Cove as Covelandia in 1976. The resort closed down 10 years later and reestablished in 1997 as ICHLP. Remulla’s son Gilbert, a former broadcast journalist and former representative of the second district of Cavite, took over operations in 2007.

The 36-hectare leisure park has a water park, a bird and wildlife sanctuary, a fishing village and many other attractions.


News Source: Philippine News Agency, Entrepreneur PH
Image Source: RainCheck blog



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wayne Buehner

    August 1, 2018 at 2:36 pm

    Im going to really miss Island Cove. I met so many great friends there, got to know a good majority of the staff there ( who are fantastic people ) and had so many fantastic times while visiting. I hope you re open or re establish yourselves, hopefully keeping the wonderful staff that have made my memories so wonderful!

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