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Here are the 7 Types of Caviteño Friends We All Have


Here are the 7 Types of Caviteño Friends We All Have

Generally, Caviteño friends are loud and fun to be with. But more than being good companions, they also have unique characteristics which make them stand out among the circle of friends. Here are 7 types of Caviteño friends we all have!


1. The Inspirational Friend

The one in the group who leads the prayer before meals. He/she has religious trinkets: wears a Rosary bracelet, has a Bible verse bag tag/pin, wears inspirational statement shirts. He/she can be a recipient of a real-life best in conduct or Huwarang Anak award because of unfailing obedience to parents. This friend is the one whose parents know our numbers because they contact us during sleepovers or late night events. When their mom/dad texts: “San kayo? Uwi na”, this friend will drag the whole bunch to go home, or will instantly be rushing home even if the party just got started.



2. The Laging-Gutom Friend

On a trip, her bag is full of snacks not for everyone, but for herself! Her primary concern on a trip is where the group would have their lunch/merienda stopover. She eats and eats, and is always complaining of her hunger!



3. The Intellectual Mom Friend

This friend is our go-to when we suddenly need a nail cutter, a band-aid, a paracetamol, a sanitizer, or whatever essential you might need. Name it, it’s in her bag! She also used to be our go-to for our assignments back in high school, she is undoubtedly smart and a certified group leader! She makes complicated lessons easy to understand during group studies. Daming alam ni bes!



4. The Joker Friend

He’s the life of the party! Every punchline he throws leaves everyone ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) in your barkada bondings, laughter will surely be non-stop whenever he is present. He finds a way to make everything funny, even when things get a bit off, he sets the mood of the bunch happy and fun because of his playfulness and contagious laughter.



5. The Hopeless Romantic Friend

This is our NBSB/NGSB friend who gives the perfect love advices despite the lack of experience. Our friend with the most and the best #hugot lines, and that one who we all believe will be a perfect girlfriend / boyfriend but has been single since the beginning of time. Kapit lang bes, dadating din ang forever!



6. The Crush ng Bayan Friend

He/she has been the class muse/escort since school started. The suki of school pageants and all things involving rampa. He/she is the first one who got into a relationship during high school, the one whose love life is always in bloom. This friend has the most number of Instagram followers among the group, and when we go places, we raise our eyebrows because this friend gets the attention of all happy crushes we encounter! Ugh.



7. The Active Friend

This friend is the MVP and Athlete of the year awardee. Always wearing active wear regardless of the situation! He is the one who encouraged the group to go to the gym and go hiking, he is a man with infinite energy!



Do you miss them? Tag mo na si bes!



Words by: Leih Maruss Villares Sinsay
Images by: Jennievy Reyes

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