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8 New Year Resolutions That We Normally Can’t Keep

8 New Year Resolutions That We Normally Can't Keep


8 New Year Resolutions That We Normally Can’t Keep

The new year means a new start for most of us. It seemingly gives us the opportunity to become the better version of ourselves and scratch off the bad habits we used to keep. To keep track of our progress, we create a list of goals called New Year resolution. However, most of us break them even before we’re halfway through the year. Will 2018 be any different?

Check out the top 8 New Year resolutions that Filipinos usually fail at keeping!


1. Lose weight.



2. Recover from a bad heartache.



3. Stop drinking.



4. Give yourself a makeover.



5. Be on time.



6. Spend less and save more.



7. Curse a little less.



8. Keep all these new year’s resolutions



Still having a hard time working on your yearly resolutions? Maybe it’s time for a new approach in 2018! Share with us your attempt at keeping your New Year resolution!

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