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7 easy hacks to conserve water at home

7 easy hacks to conserve water at home


7 easy hacks to conserve water at home

Water is one of our most significant natural resources. While the earth is covered in 70% water, the fresh water available for human consumption is only at 1%. Therefore, our source of fresh water is limited and saving water must be put at high priority. Most may think that being mindful of our water consumption in the household won’t create a huge impact on the global water conservation problem, but think again because every drop of water counts.

Here in Cavite, people who are constantly affected by emergency water service interruption in parts of the province know how important it is to conserve water on the daily. Here are 7 tips to prepare you for a practical water usage at home!



1. Washing dishes? Don’t leave the water running.

Wash the plates in a container rather than letting running water go down the drain.


2. Re-purpose water!

When you’ve finished cooking foods that require washing or boiling, you may use the water for sprinkling houseplants or cleaning the yard.


3. Turn the faucet off while it’s on standby.

Don’t forget to turn off the tap while brushing teeth, and scrubbing hands. The tap doesn’t need to be flowing the whole time!


4. Do not rinse mouth with running water.

Use a small cup of water to rinse with when brushing your teeth.


5. Use the dipper when taking a bath.

By doing this, you have more control over the usage of water than showering. It also lessens your bath time.


6. Catch the water drips from faucet/showerhead.

When you shower, catch some of the excess runoff by placing a bucket under the showerhead!


7. Check if there’s a leak.

Save money and conserve water when you address the pipes that need repairing.


Are you also conscious of how you use your water at home? Share with us your tips on how to minimize water consumption and maximize its usage!



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