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10 Things People Who Commute in Cavite Can Relate To


10 Things People Who Commute in Cavite Can Relate To

Everyday, I commute from Laguna to Cavite just to go to school. I’ve been doing this for almost four years now and commuting has been an exhausting part of my day. The inconveniences of commuting can be frustrating, but it has its funny moments. You’ll find these relatable if you commute around Cavite or just a person that considers “commuting” a part of your daily hustle (even though it’s really hassle).


1. When the jeepney accelerates like Ferrari so it could avoid the 3-digit traffic light countdown in Pala-Pala.

What jeepney drivers feel:





2. When you do get caught in traffic, waiting for that 3-digit traffic light countdown feels like forever.





3. The traffic in Bacoor or GMA takes too long (but your crush still takes much longer to reply)

It gets worse when it rains, it gets worse when the jeep stops way too much at pedestrians (the pedestrians aren’t even hailing the jeep!) or stops at a gasoline station when what you really want is for the jeep to go at high speeds like it’s trying to break time and space.



4. You’ve made your own ways of measuring what approximate time you’d be able to get to your destination.

According to Commuter Science Research, “Maybe after playing eight songs on my Spotify and two rounds of Candy Crush, I’d probably be there at 10:45am.” (LOL)





5. You remember landmarks that can help you estimate when you’ll say “Para Po.”

It could be the Mcdonalds, BDO or 7-11, or a Kris Aquino billboard. Only people hailing from this areas can relate to the landmarks which are helpful in the art of commuting. These help you avoid missing your stop, or helps the driver know where you’ll be dropped off. It also saves you the embarrassment of saying “Para Po” too soon. (Personally had happened to me many times because I’m horrible at directions)



6. If you’re riding a UV Express van, you hope that a group of employees or a family can magically appear so the van can finally leave.

There are is only one thing worth waiting in this world, and it’s Jollibee’s Chicken Joy. ONLY. JOLLIBEE’S. CHICKEN JOY.



7. You will literally die (or kill someone) if you forgot to bring your earphones

How can you tolerate the hassles of the long commute when you can’t hear Luis Fonsi telling you “Despacito” to soothe your commuter woes?





8. You try to ignore the hunger spikes you feel when you see someone eating during the commute.

What an Angel’s burger looks like when you’re hungry:





9. You imagine worst case scenarios.

Inner thought: What if this jeep just went on fire, what if this guy next to me is actually stabbing me right now and I don’t even know it? Who will I save first here? The baby? The old man or the pregnant woman? I’ll probably just die anyway, at least when I’m dead I won’t have to take the quiz today. These thoughts bring us to the next item.



10. Sometimes commuting is soothing because you get to reevaluate your life decisions in a single ride.

You think of all the things that had happened that lead up to where you are now, you think of the things you regret and the things you think at one point were good decisions, but are they? You think of the future, your career, your dreams. Are you just… AY KUYA PARA PO!


These are some of my personal experiences when commuting to Cavite for school and to other places. I mostly focused on places in Cavite that I pass by almost every day when going to school, do you have your share of memorable commuting experiences around Cavite? Let us know by leaving a comment below! — Written by Kat Rodrigo


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