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10 terrible habits your co-workers need to ditch


10 terrible habits your co-workers need to ditch

It is unavoidable to interact with people of different personalities in almost every kind of environment. Particularly in the workplace, you meet characters who make your job seem fun and easy. On the other hand, you also encounter difficult people who challenge your patience, compassion and professionalism especially if these officemates possess habits that you find annoying.

Cavitenos, let us help you identify a few of the common manners in the office that you can’t tolerate. Here’s a list of the habits you endure whenever you find yourself in the company of your irritating co-workers, along with our office tip on how to conquer them!


10. That officemate who never returned your ball pen.

Naturally, we expect people to immediately give back whatever they borrowed from us right after they use it. It is a common courtesy, however, this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to ball pens. No matter how many ball pens you buy, they seem to disappear in one snap.

What you can do: Chain your pen to your table. Yup, like how they do it in banks.


9. That officemate who loves to install games and other apps on your computer.

It is hard to keep some things private from an officemate especially when you share a small space. The closeness in terms of proximity is often misinterpreted as closeness in terms of friendship to the point of installing games on your computer unit!

What you can do: Don’t openly give your password to your co-workers. Those gamer punks might bring your computer malware!


8. That officemate who leaves their coffee mugs unwashed.

Your productivity is directly affected by the cleanliness of your workspace. It would be so difficult to finish your business proposal when there are collections of unwashed coffee mugs on your side. How can someone tolerate a dirty plate that is left untouched for days and the pests it invites? Oh, and don’t forget the nasty smell that comes from it!

What you can do: Grab a tray for used coffee mugs and place it on your officemate’s table. That should wake him up.


7. That officemate who loves to check up on your tasks.

This kind of people can be referred to as the “office police”.  They are overly inquisitive and irritatingly snoopy. They even monitor your progress more often than your immediate supervisor! It’s tricky when you can’t tell whether they’re closely watching so they may guide you or so they may criticize you.

What you can do: Get a sign that says “DO NOT DISTURB” and hang it on your cubicle.


6. That officemate who loves to “overbreak”.

Commonly, the company pays its employees based on the hours they spent working. But then there is this one officemate who arrives an hour late after going on a break. Lunch usually ends at 1 in the afternoon but his ends at 2 PM.

What you can do: When they return to their desk, ask them how the lunch buffet went.


5. That officemate who passes their workload to you.

Have you experienced saving an officemate who goes on a vacation leave but forgot to finish his tasks on time?  It’s funny when you have so many things happening on your plate then here comes another set of assignment that you should work on. What’s even funnier is when every workload is urgent!

What you can do: Synchronize your calendars.


4. That officemate who never answers the phone.

No matter how frequent or how long the ring of the phone is, people act like they hear nothing. Even the person closest to the telephone pretends to be unbothered by the shrilling sound of it. And there you are, the hero of the day. Although you sit farthest from the telephone, you’re the only person the whole office relies on to answer.

What you can do: Become so busy that they wouldn’t have to wait for you to answer the phone.


3. That officemate who always claim to be sick.

Believe it or not, sick leave is an abused privilege. Most people use their drama skills to be granted a paid day off from work. When their minor coughing sounds like forced tuberculosis, everyone is convinced of the act. Meanwhile, you try your best to keep quiet as long as you don’t have to cover up for them.

What you can do: Stay cool and don’t get infected with their fake virus.


2. That officemate who keeps on blabbering about his weekend.

It’s normal for people to greet one another on a Monday morning and ask how the weekend went. Usually, a person will talk about his experience for a brief three to five minutes. However, some people just love attention. They will talk to you for over an hour just to share the unnecessary details of their weekend at the beach. Information overload? Definitely.

What you can do: Gently tell them that you still have work to do.


1. That officemate who arrives late at work and leaves the office early.

There is always an officemate who arrives late in the office yet starts their coffee break right after he walks through the door. Despite the deadline that he has to meet, you find his chair empty once more because he went on a cigarette break. Then come the next hour, for lunch break. Then the next hour, for a snack. Then the next hour, for another cigarette break. Then at 5 in the afternoon, he’s nowhere to be found.

What you can do: Write the list of the tasks you both need to finish on a sticky note and post it on his workspace as a reminder.


The office is a venue where our integrity and behavior are tested and molded. Could you relate to these 10 terrible habits that your co-worker could possibly be doing? Watch the video below from CongTV for a light, funny and entertaining way of looking at this matter!


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